Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Baby Number 3

So there has been some mind changing going on over at the Campbell's.. Jon finally admitted to me that he wasn't "in" love with the babies name.. But that I could do what I wanted if it made me happy.. I also wasn't 100% in but I blame that on this is OUR last chance to name a child, we don't get to use a name next time.. I picked the first name he picked the middle.. So very soon we will have our very own little Aiden John.. Jonathan's deceased grandfather of 29years name was John and Jonathan was named at him but Mother wanted a formal name so she changed it from John to Jonathan and we call him Jon.. We will be calling him Aiden cause I refuse to have two people with the same name.. That will be too confusing on everyone esp. the boys..

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  1. Aiden John is a good name. Now all 3 of the boys are named after 3 good men.