Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Baby Number 3

So there has been some mind changing going on over at the Campbell's.. Jon finally admitted to me that he wasn't "in" love with the babies name.. But that I could do what I wanted if it made me happy.. I also wasn't 100% in but I blame that on this is OUR last chance to name a child, we don't get to use a name next time.. I picked the first name he picked the middle.. So very soon we will have our very own little Aiden John.. Jonathan's deceased grandfather of 29years name was John and Jonathan was named at him but Mother wanted a formal name so she changed it from John to Jonathan and we call him Jon.. We will be calling him Aiden cause I refuse to have two people with the same name.. That will be too confusing on everyone esp. the boys..

Tuesday, October 13, 2009



Ok so it's ok to admit we all wish we were this flexible.. lol

Nikolas being silly so late @ night.

Greg sporting the knitted candy corn hat I made.. I used chocolate instead of yellow.. All women love chocolate.. :)

Finished product.. It's 9inches and I needed it 8 for Greg got a bit carried away.. I'm currently working on them traditional candy corn hats... :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Is it really Saturday?

Ok so I have no idea how to make post in advance cause I thought I did and it didn't post.. Hmm Well, yesterday Jon and I both got up super early and we decided as soon as Nikolas woke up we'd head out and get some errands run before the rain really hit.. Why do men think they can out smart rain? But anyway we leave and we head to Target I was so not impressed with the lack of clothes they had for the boys and I was even less impressed that they had almost zero maternity clothes.. And I love going to Target and usually don't as it on the other side of town and Jon isn't into stores that don't support our troops. I did snag some awesome deals on toys that the boxes had been damaged and they had marked down.. Toys worked perfectly..

Gregory got the Little Super Star, Nikolas had something from this collection when he was little and so I really thought Greg would enjoy it... Here is a link to it if you'd like to see, it can also be taller for a toddler.. :) SUPER STAR

Nikolas is into Tonka big time.. So Jon found him a armored truck that even came with an alarm.. Really an alarm people? I was so worried it'd be so loud and I would need ear plugs but thankfully it's not to loud.. I've noticed there are no silent toys even books now have noise.. :) I couldn't find a picture anywhere of this truck so I'll just have to take one and post at a later date.

So Jon and I have been together for a very long time and ever since I met him I have wanted a pair of UGG Boots.. And he has always been so against it I wouldn't get them.. He had a million reasons why I should not get them and why he didn't like them.. His biggest thing was he hated them being worn with skirts.. Ok so I should never of listened cause if anyone knows me knows I do not wear dresses and skirts.. The only wear I'm in a dress is if I'm in church OR at a funeral.. Well, on to the reason of this.. I have been wearing flip flops cause I really don't dig tennis shoes now I have a really nice pair I just don't like them that well.. And with the rainy season I have been slipping and obviously that's not good.. So Jon finally broke down and got me a pair of ugg's.. ;) Lacy's Ugg's mine are in sand color.. They are so comfy I think I will be getting me a pair of slippers.. lol

So I have been knitting Greg a candy corn hat.. I have the brim finished and almost down with the chocolate color.. Greg is having a chocolate candy corn hat.. I'm sure he is like his Mother and loves chocolate.. lol Once I'm finished I will make Nikolas one too but I can't convince nearly as much as I do Greg that he looks adorable and must wear it in public.. Maybe if Jon wears one? I doubt I could ever convince that Jarhead to wear a candy corn hat.. :) Will have a post later with tons of pictures..

Jonathan goes November 1st to discuss jobs with the Marine Recruiter.. They are filled up on prior enlisted Marines until then when the Marines new year starts.. I'm not sure who wanted to cry more the recruiter in fear Jon would go to another branch or Jon cause he is tired of sitting.. The Navy wants Jon for black opps but they too are too full and wanted him to join the reserves.. So not Jon and now the coast guard is hearing J is looking.. The Army is smart and knows to stay far far away from him cause he wasn't and still isn't impressed with his treatment at Fort Campbell, KY..

Shane and Lacy are fine.. I go back the 29th of October and hopefully we can figure out all these pains that I'm pretty sure are not normal..

Thank you for everyone following me.. Have a fun and safe weekend..

Thursday, October 8, 2009


So I have decided to make a blog about my kids/family.. Just life in general really so many people ask and so I send so many emails filled with info & pictures.. :) So there came the idea to start The Soup Family only the address is The Soup Boys someone already was using the url I wanted.. My husband was known and still is by most marines he served in combat with as Johnny Soup Dog so when we had boys these men started referring to Nikolas, Greg and soon Shane as The Soup Boys..

So a fair warning to everyone I take at least 200-300 photo's everytime we go out and I love posting a lot no where near that amount but people are welcome to join flickr.com and add me if they want to see everything..

Mostly my blog will be about children, pregnancy, husband and my new progject of knitting.. I have no idea what has possessed me to start a hobby this far into my 3rd and final pregnancy but I have.. Won't my children be stylish.. :) Hope you join me for this journey.. :)